Sunday, August 13, 2006

Wish I'd said that...

Damn... how many ways need the truth be spoken?


Syria and Iran play a major role inciting violence in Iraq, yet remain immune from any consequences. In Iraq, as with Korea and Vietnam, the desire to avoid a wider regional conflict makes winning the local conflict more difficult, if not impossible. The conflict in Iraq, whether we remain or not, will continue so long as Syria and Iran go unpunished for their participation. In this respect, it is Vietnam all over again.

The War on Terror cannot be won as it is being fought. It is an extension of the War on Crime where policemen walk a beat outside the United States. Just as the War on Crime is perpetual, so too will be the War on Terror. Terrorist organizations have declared war on the civilized world and have brought the battlefield to places of their choosing. They have the initiative.

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