Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A book review, sorta?

The Sapper Sargent is on his way back from R&R on his way to Ramadi.

The Abolition of Man, I'm Agin It (though it wouldn't be a bad idea to abolish Hezbollah)

Everything you ever wanted to know about Hizbollah. Alternatively, Hezbollah. [Zero sayz: refers to a link in his post]

How can we take a political party seriously if we can't even figure out how to transliterate their name?

Pardon me if I'm cranky. Someone dinked up the thermostat here, and Kuwait is currently set on 350 degrees, coincidentally the same temperature as the oven is when baking Banana Nut Bread. Jen and I made a double batch (actually, I did about 80% of the work making the batter, and Jen baked them all) according to her Grandmother's recipie. They turned out pretty decent.

Don't have much to add. He's on his second visit, and his wife came back from Iraq in January.


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