Thursday, May 04, 2006

Illegal immigration - stating the obvious

Some thoughts:

There is a single issue amongst the plethora of issues that matters; is flaunting the laws of this country a good thing. If so, where does it stop?

To answer that simple, but fundimental question, one has to ask if the transnational thinking folks are just simply right, and the rest of us are just old-fashioned?

There are those that seem convinced that the United States is passe.

Our courts have noted international law in some opinions, our congress seems hell-bent on making things like NAFTA take priority over our 'common good'.

All the other arguments and posturings are a smokescreen to cover this simple issue.

While we're discusssing racism and jobs and all the PC crap involved we are being sold out.... it's clear to anyone who opens their eyes.

The secondary issue about security is awash in trivialities as well.

WE can't stop terrorist from coming into this country without stopping ALL illegals from coming in..... and that just ain't gonna happen so long as the weasels run DC!

Me.... I'm building my stash of food and ammo. Anyone that comes to my door demanding my help will get a rude awaking as long as I'm breathing!

Yeah, I''m pissed. I see discussions here and there that infuriate me.... I nearing 60 and there's a real chance that I will see the U.S. as I've known and served disappearing before I die.


Anonymous momwolf said...

You know how I feel about this stuff.....

10:17 PM  

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