Wednesday, May 24, 2006

William of Ockham on illegal immigration, sorta

From The Logic Times

Was talking to a friend about the illegal immigration issue and we kinda wound up asking each other WTF is going on. Seems we're not alone in trying to figure out what the President and Senate are doing.

Surely, these politicians, susceptible as they are to the least gust of public opinion, are out marching, arm in arm, in protest of this abominable problem that nobody – that no voter – likes. Surely, William of Ockham would declare, they are thinking this…

But they are not. At the tail end of many weeks spent ignoring their master (public opinion), politicians continue to defy logic – and Ockham’s Razor – with behavior that makes absolutely no sense…

Yet the answer, as William of Ockham would tell us, should be simple. Politicians must be refusing to acquiesce to public opinion because they know something the public does not, something compelling, something that trumps the politician's instinct for self-preservation. To us, the illegal immigration issue is a chip shot; to them, it must appear a dilemma (di lem ma: A situation that requires a choice between options that are or seem equally unfavorable or mutually exclusive). There is no other explanation for such un-political behavior as has been on display.

I posed, essentially, this same question in earlier posts and posited this seemingly bizarre behavior could explained by the agenda of those driven to bring the New World Order to fruition.

My friend suggested that, instead of some conspiracy based on a hidden agenda, perhaps many of those in D.C. are just dumber than rocks.

Ol' William just might agree.


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