Saturday, June 24, 2006

Carrying ammo

I'm too old and beat up to be a front-line warrior, but I can carry ammo and cover the rear. I once felt comfortable bear hunting with a switch, now I carry a gun. For many of us Vets that's what it boils down to.

Coupla thing are on-going that make it a little easier to bear.

Bill over at Small Town Veteran is bringing up a site called 'Old War Dogs' soon. And Captain Larry Bailey of 'Kerry Lied' fame is putting a 'Boot Murtha' effort together see: this.

In this technological age those doing battle for us have an awareness of the goings-on back here that simply wasn't there in earlier conflicts, and maybe, just maybe, those of us who've 'been there, and done that' can do what we've always done. The same technology that alerts our current war fighters can be a bridge. This MilBlog and the dozens like it are one element us geezers can control.

We share something that many do not, and this is no small thing. Sure, we're likely to bore them silly with OUR stories, but so what. It's odd, but when discussing such things over a beer (or whatever) time becomes a wonderful telescope. Like the Hubble we can share a view of the past and present simply unavailable to most.

My Father-in-Law was one of the original members of the 82nd Airborne folks, with two combat jumps, and he and I have chatted in a way no one else grasps, including his family. Our experiences were in no way similar, and yet a bond exists.

Many of us still have tooth or two to bare if asked. And all that matters in the final count is that although we've had our Crispin's day we can relish their day.

It's of note that there's not much real sadness in this; just maybe a small touch of melancholy. We still head to the sound of the guns - we just don't hear them quite the same.

So I'll keep carrying ammo for the younger warriors, with no small pride, and blessing them for their service and sacrifices.

Thanks to my co-contributors for their clarity and help.


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